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Twrl Lifer: 1-Year Gift Subscription

Looking for that perfect gift that’s thoughtful but doesn’t require too much effort? We've got you covered! Get a Gift Subscription to our No. 1 best seller: Taiwan Style Milk Tea with 3 easy choices:

  • Twrl Dabbler
    • Save $10 with a 3-month gift subscription to that someone special who is the first to try new things or just loves Milk Tea. ✌️
  • Twrl Fanatic
    • Save $30 with a a 6-month gift subscription to your milk tea aficionado friends so you guys never run out of Milk Tea when hanging out. 🤗
  • Twrl Lifer
    • Save $65 with a 1-year gift subscription to that friend or family member that needs a daily milk tea fix (without loads of sugar and calories). Everyone will want to your #bestie after this gift 😉

        We will notify your recipient via email that they have some delicious milk tea on the way or you can print out the confirmation on your own and wrap it up.

        This holiday, you and your special someone can feel good about supporting organic, fair-trade family tea farms, as well as regenerative farming with our climate-friendly plant-based pea milk. Best of all, Twrl is truly a guilt-free milk tea with only 45 calories, 6 organic agave per can and top-8 allergen free. 


        We source our tea from biodiverse family farms that practice sustainable farming techniques. We never use powders or artificial flavors!

        NO COWS,
        JUST PEA!

        Our pea milk is low in sugar and carbs, non-GMO, and has a much milder flavor than other plant-based milks.

        LOW SUGAR

        Each serving contains only 6-7 grams of sugar. We also use low-glycemic sweeteners, meaning no sugar crash!


        Like the cream on top, without adding cream! The infusion of nano-sized bubbles give a frothy pour and smooth mouthfeel.