What is milk tea? Why is Twrl M!lk Tea different? Read on to find out!

What is Milk Tea?

What is milk tea?

Simply put, milk tea is tea with milk.

Although it can technically refer to hot tea with milk, we at Twrl use it to refer to the popular cold, sweetened beverage that originated in the cafes of Taiwan.

What is Twrl M!lk Tea?

Twrl M!lk Tea is a better-for-you version of a cafe milk tea that’s ready to enjoy anywhere you are. Using ethically-sourced organic teas, plant-based milk and low-glycemic sugars, our obsession is creating your favorite milk tea without the guilt! 

Why is Twrl M!lk Tea better than regular milk tea?

Traditional milk tea from a cafe is loaded with sugar (up to 60g of sugar in a single serving!). Many use tea powders or non-organic tea. And almost all are full of bloat-inducing dairy.

Each 7.5oz can of Twrl M!lk Tea contains only 7g of sugar and 50 calories or less. Our delicious flavors combine antioxidant-rich, traditionally-grown tea with plant-based m!lk that’s naturally low in carbs and sugar.

You can read more about our ingredients below.

Is milk tea the same thing as "boba" or "bubble tea"?

Many people call milk tea “boba” because they order it with “boba” (tapioca balls or bubbles). However, traditional milk tea doesn’t always contain boba.

Does Twrl M!lk Tea include boba?

No. Our canned drinks are milk tea, but they do not contain any boba/bubbles or tapioca balls. 

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Our Ingredients

What flavors does Twrl M!lk Tea come in?

Twrl M!lk Tea comes in 3 flavors:

Original Black M!lk Tea

Supreme Jasmine M!lk Tea

Hojicha Roasted Green M!lk Tea

What kind of tea do you use?

We pride ourselves on using only organic fair-trade tea grown by family-owned farms using traditional methods that go back generations! Read more about the incredible story of our tea producers on our blog.

What kind of plant-based milk do you use? 

Twrl M!lk Tea uses pea milk!

Unlike other popular plant-based m!lks, pea milk is naturally high protein, low calorie, and low carb/sugar.

In addition to its health benefits, pea m!lk has a neutral flavor that doesn’t overpower the delicate flavors of our traditionally-grown tea.

Why don’t you use oat milk or other plant-based milks?

Simply put, we just don’t want the carbs! Our goal was always to create a guilt-free drink, which means low sugar AND low carb. For comparison, a milk tea made with oat milk has 16-20g of carbs (this includes added sugar) while Twrl M!lk Tea only has 6-7g of carbs (includes added sugar). So, do you really need all those extra carbs in your drink? Probably not.

Also we found oat milk to be overpowering the tea flavor

Our m!lk tea actually contains 32% less fructose than oat milk. If you compare the fructose levels – Our m!lk has 1.55g/100g while oat milk has about 2.25g/100g. 

We also want to keep our m!lk teas as allergen-free as possible which is why we don't use nut milks either.

What sweeteners do you use?

We use 100% organic blue agave syrup to make Twrl M!lk Tea deliciously sweet while keeping our overall sugar content low. 

Agave is naturally low-glycemic, meaning that it doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels like regular sugars.

Twrl M!lk Tea never includes any artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

Are there any allergens in Twrl M!lk Tea?

Twrl M!lk Tea is vegan, nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Is Twrl M!lk Tea caffeinated? 

Yes, our m!lk teas contain caffeine. However, each serving contains around half the caffeine of a cup of coffee.

The caffeine levels of each flavor are listed below: 

Original Black: 58mg

Supreme Jasmine: 50mg

Hojicha: 40mg

For reference, the average 8oz cup of coffee has ~95mg of caffeine.

Does Twrl M!lk Tea have any other health benefits?
Yes! Our teas are loaded with a natural source of antioxidants found commonly in teas. 

Our Original Black M!lk Tea contains 200mg of antioxidants (catechins, theaflavin and thearubigins).

Our Supreme Jasmine M!lk Tea is an antioxidant powerhouse containing 450mg of antioxidants (catechins and EGCG). Learn more about why our Jasmine is uniquely supreme.

Our Hojicha Roasted Green M!lk Tea contains 244mg of antioxidants (catechins and EGCG).

Drinking Twrl M!lk Tea

What does Twrl mean?

The name Twrl M!lk Tea™ was inspired by an old Chinese legend about the first pot of tea.

Legend has it that while the Ming Emperor of China was on his daily walk, a few leaves “twirling” in the breeze suddenly fell into his cup of hot water.

The experience sparked the idea to brew the leaves, and so tea was born.

‘Twrl’ evokes this mingling of flavors; blending age-old tea traditions with new canning technologies and plant-based ingredients to satisfy today’s tastes.

Does Twrl M!lk Tea needs to be refrigerated?

Twrl M!lk Tea is shelf-stable and does not require refrigeration. 

However, it’s best enjoyed cold! We recommend chilling for at least 6 hours, and/or pouring over ice to serve.

Do I need to shake the can?

Yes! Our cans are nitro-infused so we recommend you “twrl” the can (aka shake gently) a few times for optimal frothiness. Don’t overdo it or else it may get messy!

Why is it nitro-infused and what effect does it have? Is it “carbonated”?

Unlike traditional sodas and other sparkling drinks that are “carbonated” or infused with CO2 which create much larger bubbles, nitro (or nitrogen) infusion creates a MUCH small bubble, hence giving it a frothy, foam-like texture and a smooth mouthfeel that is often compared to what you experience when you drink a Guinness beer (nitro-infused) vs a Budweiser (CO2 infused) — you can tell one is much smoother than the other. There’s no “burping” sensation after a nitro-infused beverage, unlike sodas or other traditional sparkling drinks.

We also use nitro in our m!lk tea to emulate, or dare we say, surpass the frothy texture of a freshly shaken cafe-bought milk tea. For this reason, ingredients used to enhance the texture of regular milk tea — such as additional milk or creamer — are not necessary in Twrl M!lk Tea, which is how we keep it so low calorie!

Many canned cold-brew coffees beverages on the market are also nitro-infused for this same purpose.

We want everyone to have the best experience when drinking Twrl M!lk Tea — combined with our beyond-organic tea, plant-based m!lk, and less sugar, the nitro-infusion is the what makes out m!lk teas stand out from the rest!

Shipping & Returns

Why do you charge for shipping?

We are a (very) small business. And (as you may have realized), shipping any kind of beverage is heavy and expensive!

We cover roughly 50-75% of the shipping cost, and hope you’ll like our m!lk tea enough to cover the rest!

Occasionally, we  run shipping promos for our email subscribers. You can sign up to be notified for the next one here.

What happens if my shipment gets damaged in the mailed?
We try our best to pack each page carefully. However if your product is damaged upon receipt, please send photos and email to hello@twrlmilktea.com and submit an inquiry.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with my product?
We do not offer returns, but we do have a taste guarantee. We want our customers to have the best experience, so if you are not satisfied with your product, please email hello@twrlmilktea.com and we will make it right!

Where can I buy Twrl M!lk Tea?

Where can I find Twrl M!lk Tea?

We’re working hard to bring Twrl M!lk Tea to select retailers in California! Check back soon for updates on locations.

For now, you can order here at our online shop, where we currently ship nationwide and to Canada.

Can I buy Twrl M!lk Tea in single cans?

We are currently only selling in 12-Pack cases at the moment.

Can I buy a smaller 6-Pack of Twrl M!lk Tea?

We have a limited supply of Sampler 6-Packs for $19.95. If you would like to purchase a 6-pack, please email hello@twrlmilktea.com to inquire.

Do you offer discounts on Twrl M!lk Tea?

Yes! We occasionally run promotions. The best way to get notified is to sign up on our website for the latest promos, updates and deals, as well as follow us on Instagram.

Can you explain Twrl M!lk Tea's premium pricing?

While our prices are not as competitive as other beverages on the market, it reflects the truly premium ingredients used in our m!lk tea, and unfortunately those do come at a cost. 

The teas we use are all organic, sustainably farmed and fair-trade from small family farms who cannot compete with the bulk pricing of larger corporations. In the tea industry, many farmers are exploited and never see the profits of their crop, but we make sure that all our farmers get paid fairly. The tea grown on these small farms have truly the highest quality and best flavor because they use sustainable farming practices which enriches the land for the next season’s crop rather than growing too much and stripping the land of all its nutrients. Because of all these practices, we do pay a higher price for our tea, and that is reflected in our pricing. 

We also use plant-based milk which is also traditionally higher in cost than diary. 

Our Cans

Are Twrl M!lk Tea’s cans BPA free?


How many ounces are in a can of Twrl M!lk Tea?

7.5 fl oz (222ml)

Do I need to shake the can?

Twrl M!lk Tea cans are nitro-infused so we suggest you “twrl” the can (aka shake gently) a few times for optimal froth! Don’t overdo it or else it may get messy!

Does Twrl M!lk Tea come in larger sizes?

We currently only have one size, but we're currently working on larger sizes in a reusable can. Sign up on our email list to keep updated on our latest news or follow us on Instagram.


We source our tea from biodiverse organic family farms who practice only sustainable farming techniques. We never use powders or any artificial or natural flavor. Yes, our tea is THAT good!


We only use ingredients you can read and understand, nothing artificial, no weird chemicals.


We use only non-GMO plant-based, nut-free m!lk in our tea and can accommodate most dietary restrictions.


We use low-glycemic organic sweeteners, and we make it taste good with 7 or less grams of sugar per serving. Yes, you can drink this with your keto diet!


Our tea is sourced directly from biodiverse organic family farms in China and Japan, so direct that we can name the person who is growing tea! Not only are these teas ethically sourced and fairly traded (meaning that farmers gets paid fairly for their product and labor rather giving all their profits to a middle man and reseller), they are also growing their tea in a biodiverse environment, only producing in season and not draining the soil of all its nutrients. Because of this form of traditional tea growing, many endangered species can be found in the area around the tea farms!