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From humble beginnings when a leaf "twirled" into an emperor's cup to brew the first cup of tea to dominating the landscape and lives of many a place and people, tea in our opinion is one of the finest ingredients the world has to offer.

The world's most sustainable
cafe-style milk tea

Our tea story is much wider, much higher, and much deeper than meets the eye. We we first launched Twrl Milk Tea in February 2021, our mission was is to create the best tasting better-for-you canned milk tea that’s also better for the planet. Since then. we’ve focused on responsible sourcing, and lowering our carbon footprint everywhere we go.

Pauline & Olivia

Co-Founders  / Twrl Milk Tea

Our Teas

We not only love tea, we love going to tea farms!
We personally source each and every one of our teas that go into each can. 

Sustainable + Better-For-You

Tea Farm visit in Japan

Tasting & Quality Check

Tea Farm Visit in Taiwan

Ube farm visit in Taiwan

"Tea is a ritual that brings calm to the chaos of daily life."



lbs of organic fair-trade tea brewed & composted 


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Inspired by Our Roots

A quest to bring milk tea to a convenient grab’n’go can led us to the beautiful countryside of Taiwan where our co-founder Olivia Chen's family is from and where our tea and ube (for our Ube Milk Tea flavor) is farmed and harvested by multi-generational farmers.

Fun Fact: Our organic mulberry tea in our Ube Milk Tea is from a farm that is run by a third generation father and son team that uses the best part of mulberry leaves, the top 10% (only baby tea leaves), to brew our Ube drinks! The remaining 90% of the leaves are fed to silk worms to create beautiful silk products made by Taiwanese artisans. How cool is that?!

Our Ube is sourced from multi-generational farm in Chia Yi 嘉義縣 and our Mulberry Tea Leaf is from a third generational father-son farm in Miaoli 苗栗縣. We are so excited about our latest flavor launch as we are supporting local Taiwanese farmers and bringing more jobs to Taiwan with this launch!

Our Mission & Vision

Twrl Milk Tea's mission is to elevate the boba milk tea experience with a blend of innovation, sustainability and tradition. Our premium, café-style canned milk tea is made from single-origin teas from family farms, climate-friendly pea protein milk, and just lightly sweetened for a delicious taste. Complemented by a line of convenient, single-serve instant boba toppings in a variety of flavors, Twrl makes it easier than ever to enjoy a better-for-you boba milk tea in under a minute — anytime, anywhere.

Co-founders Pauline Ang and Olivia Chen infuse their Chinese and Taiwanese heritage into the product, offering unique flavors that blend cultural richness with a modern taste profile. Recognized as a Bevnet Best New Beverage Winner and receiving high praise from Food Network and Bon Appetit Magazine, Twrl Milk Tea is a celebrated, 100% women and minority-owned business based in San Francisco.

Partnering with small multi-generational family farms

We source our tea from single-origin biodiverse family farms that practice sustainable farming techniques and fair wages to its farmers. The teas speak for themselves and we never use powders or artificial flavors.

Our tea farmers plant and harvest teas high up on craggy cliffs by wild walnut trees, and others down at the seaside, nurtured by the moist and salty air. The result? Beautifully nuanced teas, steeped in the complex flavors of their terrain.

The families literally lives off the land — so they don’t use any pesticides or harsh chemicals that could damage the ecosystem that is their livelihood.

Climate-Friendly, Regenerative Plant-Based Milk

Producing a glass of dairy milk uses almost 3x as much greenhouse gas emissions and 9x more land than the equivalent glass of plant-based milk.

We crafted our very own proprietary regenerative plant-based milk made from pea protein that enhances the soil it grows in. This unique non-dairy milk is low in sugar and carbs, non-GMO, and has a much milder flavor than other vegan milks. It also consumes 85% less water than almond milk AND less fertilizer compared to other non-dairy milks (like oat, almond or soy milk). 🤯

Beyond the Tea

And the coolest part--our finished brewed tea is composted by local farmers to fertilize their soil, allowing our leaves to come full circle back to Mother Earth!

We also import our teas using ocean freight rather than air freight (which pollutes 30x more). We also only ship 12-packs, which helps us reduce the carbon footprint of our customer shipping.

We’re also proud to offer 100% recyclable packaging! Our mailing boxes & insulation are made of recycled cardboard, and every Twrl Milk Tea shipment can go straight in your home recycling bin, no plastics or foam.

How you can help

Every can of Twrl Milk Tea supports not only a small women and minority owned business, but also small organic family farms and regenerative farming. 

We've also partnered with +purpose to plant trees with every order and give you 5% of your order to invest in the causes you're passionate about. Just choose the option when you check out. Now you can enjoy your favorite milk tea while investing in our planet!


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