We couldn’t find it, so we created it.

Twrl Milk Tea was founded on an obsession to make milk tea latte—a quintessential Asian drink that we love—even better. The result is a plant-based milk tea that gets its pure, clean flavor from ethically sourced premium teas rather than artificial flavors and heaps of sugar. 

Twrl Milk Tea is the world’s first canned milk tea made with pea milk and single-origin, non-GMO, organic tea. A great-tasting, healthy milk tea that contains less than 50 calories and 7 grams of sugar? Now that’s something to twrl about!

We locked in the flavor with nitro-infused technology and real brewed tea.

Shelf-stable tea beverages lose their flavor as delicate tea leaves are heated during the canning process. We experimented with our recipes and canning method until we found a combination involving nitro-infusion that delivered flavorful, creamy milk tea latte without adding fats or creamers.

We use organic tea sourced from single-origin, non-GMO family farms, which retain their flavor much better than mass-market teas. This allows the true flavor of brewed tea to shine through in our milk teas.

We are committed to health, community, and sustainability.

Health - We use plant-based, wholesome ingredients and cut way down on sugar, so you can treat yourself to delicious milk tea that is full of antioxidants. Compared to standard commercial-grade tea, our black milk tea and green milk tea beverages contain almost three times more antioxidants and L-theanine.

Community - We actively engage with our local and AAPI communities to promote underrepresented groups, and collaborate on seasonal products to benefit local nonprofits.

Sustainability - We source our ingredients from family farms that use sustainable and regenerative farming techniques, strengthening biodiversity and increasing resilience against climate change. We use pea milk, the most sustainable plant-based milk on the market. Pea milk produces four times less carbon emissions than a glass of dairy milk, uses 85% less water than almond milk, and requires less fertilizer than oat and soy milk combined.

Our Team

Pauline and Olivia, friends for over 20 years, share a passion for food, healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainability. As moms who grew up drinking sugary, artificially flavored milk teas, they are excited to bring to you a better, healthier version of their favorite drink that you can enjoy guilt-free anytime, anywhere.

Pauline Ang - Founder and CEO

Pauline was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Hawaii. She was introduced to boba milk tea while attending UC Berkeley as an undergrad, and she was hooked after the first taste. As a Creative Director working on branding and design for Fortune 500 companies like Campbell, Starbucks, and Pepsi, she thought she had landed her dream project when she began working on a bottled milk tea. Unfortunately, she found the flavor of this product to be artificial, too sweet, dairy-based, and loaded with preservatives. 

In early 2020, Pauline decided it was time to create a consistently delicious milk tea, using the cleanest ingredients possible, without compromising on flavor or relying on artificial additives. As she and her family sheltered from both a global pandemic and California wildfires that year, she became even more determined to create a great-tasting, consciously-made milk tea that supported family growers and minimized its impact on the environment. Her love of milk tea latte and desire to create a healthier future fueled her as she went on to test dozens of plant milks and hundreds of formulations before soft-launching Twrl Milk Tea in 2021.

Favorite Twrl Milk Tea flavor: 

Too hard to choose but if I had to, Original Black!

Favorite Twrl Milk Tea pairing: 

Salt and pepper tofu, tsukemen

Olivia Chen - Co-Founder and CMO

Olivia was born in the Midwest and raised in Northern California by parents who immigrated from Taiwan. Growing up, she loved the treats her relatives brought from Taiwan, and especially the warm memories of making boba tea together at home. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she managed partner relationships at a tech startup, where she met Pauline. She earned an MBA/MA from The Wharton School & the Lauder Institute, then led marketing teams at Estee Lauder for global brands like Clinique, Donna Karan Cosmetics, and Origins. Olivia's love of marketing and event planning led her to become a publicist for award-winning authors of Amazon and New York Times bestsellers.

Olivia brings her love of food and expertise in marketing, business development, and sales to Twrl Milk Tea, as well as a strong passion for positive change and growth. Olivia is excited to share Twrl Milk Tea with the world. In her spare time, Olivia is an avid baker and bento creator.

Favorite Twrl Milk Tea flavor: 

Supreme Jasmine & Hojicha Roasted Green Milk Tea

Favorite Twrl Milk Tea pairing: 

Taiwanese pineapple cakes


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