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Honey Popping Boba 12-Pack - Single Serve, Dye-Free, Vegan

Twrl’s Honey Popping Boba, or bursting boba, are small balls filled with honey flavor that 'pop' when bitten into. The outer layer is made of seaweed extract, is 100% vegan and has a soft, juicy and non-chewy texture. Use it as a sweetener to your favorite drink! Elevate any soda, juice, ice tea, milk tea or cocktail with Twrl’s Popping Boba!

Directions: Strain popping boba into a bowl, or add directly to your favorite beverage or dessert. Great for sparkling water, iced tea, cocktails, mocktails and more!

Bonus: Can’t finish the whole pouch? Store the remaining Strawberry Popping Boba in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

What makes Twrl's Popping Boba toppings unique (and better!):

  • The FIRST Single-Serve Popping Boba - Twrl is the FIRST popping boba brand to have single-serve packets. No portioning guesswork, no having to order in bulk and no wasting unfinished product. Each box comes with 6 convenient packets.
  • Convenient & Portable - Now you can easily make a tasty drink at home, at the office, at a picnic or anywhere! No messy tubs, spills or storage issues. 
  • No Prep or Cooking Required - just open, strain, and put into your favorite drink or dessert
  • No Artificial Dyes - Twrl's Popping Boba toppings are dye-free and do not use any artificial colors such as Red 3 (banned in California), Red 40, Yellow 5 or Yellow 6 that are often found in candies or sugary drinks. (See our FAQ below for more info)
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup - we only use cane sugar, no artificial sweeteners
  • 100% Vegan - The Popping Boba shell is made of seaweed extract, is 100% vegan and has a soft, non-chewy texture. No gelatins used. 
  • Add Flavor to any Drink or Dessert - Still "tolerating" that sparkling water? Want to elevate your cocktail/mocktail game? Twrl's Popping Boba adds delicious flavor and texture to any drink or dessert!
  • Store for Later - Can't finish your portion? Easily store the rest in the fridge in a sealed container for up to 1 week.

We source our tea from biodiverse family farms that practice sustainable farming techniques. We never use powders or artificial flavors!


Our pea milk is low in sugar and carbs, non-GMO, and has a much milder flavor than other plant-based milks.


Each serving contains only 6-7 grams of sugar. We also use low-glycemic sweeteners, meaning no sugar crash!


Like the cream on top, without adding cream! The infusion of nano-sized bubbles give a frothy pour and smooth mouthfeel.