Health Benefits that Pack a Punch! ✨ Meet Supreme Jasmine

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It's not your regular jasmine milk tea! Our Supreme Jasmine Milk Tea is made with tea leaves that come from century-old trees, then sun-dried and fermented. We then infuse it with the purest jasmine we could find. Just like a fine aged wine, the result is supremely floral, smooth and complex Jasmine Milk Tea.

What Makes a Better-for-You Milk Tea?

✔️Real Organic Brewed Tea
✔️Way Less Sugar, Low Calorie
✔️Plant-based milk

A Powerhouse Ingredient

Our Supreme Jasmine Milk Tea is made with a special type of tea called “pu’erh.” Unlike regular green tea, pu’erh is fermented and dried in the sun, leaving it with a distinctly delicious flavor (and tons of health benefits!). The flavor profile is smoother and mildly sweet, and has a more full-bodied flavor and aroma than traditional green tea.

Reap the Health Benefits of Pu’erh

The pu’erh in our Supreme Jasmine Milk Tea is the "superfood" of teas! Here's why:

💪 450mg Antioxidants in 1 can of Supreme Jasmine!
That’s 2.7x the amount of antioxidants & polyphenols of regular green tea, and comparable to 2 green juice shots, but way more FUN to drink!

✨ Fermented Tea 
Just like fine wine, pu'erh tea gets better with time and results in a mellow flavor the longer it's aged. This process allows beneficial bacteria to develop, resulting in the tea's gut-healthy benefits.

💚 Heart Healthy & Lowers Cholesterol
Pu’erh tea has been proven to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) while boosting HDL (good cholesterol), associated with lowering risk of heart disease.

🌼 100% Pure Jasmine 
Did you know most jasmine teas use sprayed-on jasmine flavoring? We infuse our Supreme Jasmine Milk Tea with 100% pure jasmine. None of that fake stuff.

 Try our Supreme Jasmine Milk Tea today or get it in the Sampler Pack!

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