The Secret to a Refreshingly Smooth Plant-based Milk Tea

Twrl Milk Tea nitro-infusion for refreshingly smooth taste

Cafe milk teas are brewed, shaken, and topped while you wait, giving them a fresh taste that most canned milk teas fail to replicate. But you can’t always get to a cafe when you want a milk tea—sometimes deadlines sneak up, meetings are scheduled last-minute, or a global pandemic shuts everything down. Before soft-launching Twrl Milk Tea in 2021, we tested hundreds of formulations and tinkered obsessively with our manufacturing process before creating a delicious canned milk tea that tastes creamy, fresh, and smooth.

Lots of things go into creating a refreshingly smooth canned milk tea, like single-origin organic teas grown on sustainable farms and non-GMO pea milk. But the secret to locking in freshness and a silky texture, so that each can of Twrl Milk Tea tastes like a freshly-brewed and shaken milk tea from your favorite cafe, is nitro-infusion.

Canned sodas and carbonated drinks are typically infused with carbon dioxide (CO2), which create large bubbles that give you a “burping” sensation after drinking. Drinks infused with nitrogen gas, on the other hand, contain much smaller bubbles, resulting in a frothy, foam-like texture and silky mouthfeel. Nitro-infusion also acts as an organic preservative, lending a freshly brewed flavor to Twrl’s milk teas. 

Another benefit of nitro-infusion is that it enhances the naturally sweet, floral, and chocolatey flavors of our milk teas, which means we don’t need to add dairy milk or other artificial ingredients to create a delicious, ready-to-drink milk tea.

Twrl Milk Tea comes in three flavors—black milk tea, jasmine milk tea, and hojicha milk tea. If you’re not sure which you’ll enjoy most, pick up a variety pack so you can sample all three!

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