Why Twrl Milk Tea is better-for-you and better for the planet

Twrl Milk Tea is better-for-you and better for the planet

Happy Earth Day! This year’s Earth Day theme is “Invest in our Planet”, and calls for businesses to shift towards sustainable practices. Our mission at Twrl Milk Tea is to create a great tasting better-for-you canned milk tea that’s also better for the planet. We’re focusing on responsible sourcing, and lowering our carbon footprint everywhere we go.

Twrl Milk Tea uses organic, fair-trade and sustainably-farmed tea
Twrl supports single-origin, organic multi-generational family farms using sustainable practices that protect biodiversity and soil health. Our pea milk uses 85% less carbon emissions than a glass of dairy milk, 75% less water than almond milk, and less fertilizer than oat and soy milk combined.

Twrl Milk Tea uses climate-friendly pea milk

And the coolest part--our finished brewed tea is composted by local farmers to fertilize their soil, allowing our leaves to come full circle back to Mother Earth!

How Twrl Milk Tea is reducing our carbon footprint
Our newest climate initiative is our partnership with +purpose to plant trees with every order and give you 5% of your order to invest in the causes you're passionate about. Now you can enjoy your favorite milk tea while investing in our planet!

Twrl Milk Tea recommendations for helping the earth

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