Earth Day: Making a Sustainable Plant-Based Milk Tea

Earth Day: Making a Sustainable Plant-Based Milk Tea

We’ve only got one Earth, and we’re doing our part to protect it. Here’s how choosing Twrl Milk Tea supports our planet.

Sustainably-farmed tea

Our farmers use sustainable farming practices that protect the biodiversity and soil health of their natural environment. We’re proud to partner with families that truly care about their land — and it makes the tea pretty darn tasty too!

We use pea milk in our plant-based milk tea!

*Magic* Plant-Based Pea Milk

Producing a glass of dairy milk 🐮 uses almost 3x as much greenhouse gas emissions and 9x more land than the equivalent glass of plant-based milk. 😧

The amazing pea milk 🌱 we use consumes 85% less water than almond milk AND less fertilizer compared to other non-dairy milks (like oat, almond or soy milk). 🤯

Source: Which Plant-Based Milk is Best for the Environment?

Sustainable packaging and warehousing

Minimizing our carbon footprint

We also import our teas using ocean freight rather than air freight (which pollutes 30x more). We also only ship 12-packs, which helps us reduce the carbon footprint of our customer shipping.

We’re also proud to offer 100% recyclable packaging! Our mailing boxes & insulation are made of recycled cardboard, and every Twrl Milk Tea shipment can go straight in your home recycling bin, no plastics or foam.

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