Twrl Milk Tea and Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California Unveil Special Edition "Inclusivi-tea" Can Design Celebrating Taiwanese Culture and Sustainability

Twrl Milk Tea and Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California Unveil Special Edition

Twrl Milk Tea, a San Francisco based, women-founded plant-based food and beverage company announces its collaboration with the Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California (TAFNC) and Taiwanese American illustrator Eugenia Yoh on a new special-edition can design for an "Inclusivi-tea” campaign for its best-selling Taiwan Style Black Milk Tea

Inspired by the founders' Taiwanese and Chinese heritage and the Federation’s shared commitment to multi-generational community building, this collaboration aims to amplify Taiwan, the birthplace of bubble milk tea, through meaningful storytelling.

 “We are proud to introduce this special edition, in collaboration with TAFNC and Eugenia Yoh, celebrating our third year as a small business and paying homage to Taiwan and Taiwanese tea farmers," says Twrl Milk Tea co-founder Olivia Chen. “Our Taiwan-Style Black Milk Tea is based on the classic taste loved by millions and updated for a cleaner profile. Paired with non-dairy milk, Taiwan Style Black Milk Tea is a refreshing beverage.”

“Taiwan and California have long shared a friendship of cultural, educational, and economic exchange. This “Inclusivi-tea” campaign is a creative collaboration that represents the heart of Taiwan and its commitment to sustainability, and will continue to strengthen a sense of community between the people of Taiwan and California, and beyond!” says Scott Lai, Director General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in San Francisco.

Inclusivi-tea campaign: Fostering Taiwan-California Friendship

"The Formosan black bear illustration and Taiwanese milk tea symbolize Taiwan's commitment to environmental conservation and culinary excellence. Taiwan aspires to foster global friendships, showcasing its rich natural heritage to the world,” says Sophia Chuang, Director of Culture Center of TECO in Milpitas (OCAC).

Formosan black bear illustration and Taiwanese milk tea: Emblems of Taiwan's environmental stewardship and gastronomic finesse. Taiwan aims to cultivate international bonds, spotlighting its abundant natural legacy to the global audience,” remarks Sophia Chuang, Director of Culture Center of TECO in Milpitas (OCAC).

In addition to being available at events through Taiwanese American community organizations, the special-edition cans will be distributed nationally through Twrl Milk Tea’s retail partners including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wegmans, Central Market. 

"A better, more resilient world is possible when we work together towards meaningful global inclusivity," adds Jim Chang, President of TAFNC. "We hope to introduce Taiwan's heritage to a new audience while advocating for Taiwan’s recognition and support on its own terms."

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Twrl Milk Tea:

Twrl Milk Tea elevates the boba milk tea experience with a blend of innovation, sustainability and tradition. Their premium, café-style canned milk tea is made from single-origin teas from family farms, climate-friendly pea protein milk, and just lightly sweetened for a delicious taste. Complemented by a line of convenient, single-serve instant boba toppings, Twrl makes it easier than ever to enjoy a better-for-you boba milk tea in under a minute — anytime, anywhere. Co-founders Pauline Ang and Olivia Chen infuse their Chinese and Taiwanese heritage into the product, offering unique flavors that blend cultural richness with a modern taste profile. Recognized as a Bevnet Best New Beverage Winner and receiving high praise from Food Network and Bon Appetit Magazine, Twrl Milk Tea is a celebrated, 100% women and minority-owned business based in San Francisco.

Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California: 

Founded in 1973, the Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California is a community coalition dedicated to preserving and promoting Taiwanese culture, heritage, and identity. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, the Federation seeks to strengthen ties within the Taiwanese American community and promote cross-cultural understanding.

Eugenia Yoh:

Eugenia Yoh is a Taiwanese American illustrator known for her vibrant and captivating artwork.With a focus on storytelling and introspection, Yoh's work explores themes of identity, belonging, and the interconnectedness of humanity.
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