#MilkTeaGuiltFree - Why Twrl is a Better Milk Tea

Why Twrl is a better milk tea

Fall is finally here, the air is getting crisper, leaves are falling, but not here in San Francisco! For the past 2 days, San Francisco has been experiencing an Indian Summer where it hit 80 degrees in October (while we were layered up in mid 60s back in July). What better drink to sip in your backyard (or living room) zoom meeting than a refreshing milk tea that you don’t have to feel guilty about drinking! Yes, it's #milkteatimeBonus: no need to leave your house since it’s already in your fridge. Oh, the convenience!

A better milk, too!

From our first newsletter, we shared why our tea is better. Now I'd like to make the case for a better milk as well. Have you ever ordered a dairy-alternative version of milk tea at a  cafe, only to end up re-ordering with dairy because it just doesn’t taste right? We’ve experienced this over and over, and finally decided there needs to be something BETTER!

The milk we are using with our tea is non-GMO, 100% plant-based and low-carb (yes, we occasionally count our calories, and sometimes on a keto diet, too 😉). On our quest for the perfect milk, we tested over 15 types of plant-based milks before landing on the one. Our milk is special because it is mild — no strong after taste or scent, low in carbohydrates and sugar and just overall a true compliment to tea. One could argue that it is pretty darn close in taste to the diary counterpart!  We’ll reveal our secret milk soon enough, and promise it will be worth it.

Now, let’s talk about sugar. We love it but it should be enjoyed in moderation. Did you know a typical boba milk tea at a cafe has about 38g of sugar — that’s as much as a can of 12oz Coke. Ever tried a canned milk tea from an Asian supermarket? Those have even more sugar! 😮

We’ve also been fed up with ordering a 25%-50% sweet milk tea, and tasting it only to find that it’s still too sweet or not sweet enough. Or asking for less ice or milk but finding there’s still too much, making the whole drink too diluted. There is just so much inconsistency when ordering a cafe-made milk tea that we wanted to create a consistent, BETTER taste, with just the amount of sugar and no additional carbs in the milk (=keto-friendly). Each can of Twrl Milk Tea will have less than 9g of sugar, and we’ve also made the conscious decision to use a low-glycemic sugar, meaning that it will not spike your blood-glucose levels causing you to have a “sugar-crash”. Yes, all these things are BETTER, and you deserve it!! #MilkTeaGuiltFree

Next week, we answer the burning question:

What about the boba (aka bubbles, pearls or tapioca)?! Thank you again for your support as we continue on our journey to bring you the world’s first better-for-you canned milk tea!

Yours tea-ly,

Pauline Ang 
Founder & CEO 
Twrl M!lk Tea 

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