Twrl Milk Tea x White Rabbit Latte

Twrl Milk Tea White Rabbit Tea Latte

White Rabbit candy is a Tootsie-like roll that is popular with Asians and Asian Americans. The candy became well known outside of China and Asia when in 1972 China premier Zhou Enlai who loved the candy gave United States President Nixon the candy as a gift during Nixon’s historic visit to China. 

Many Asian and Asian Americans grew up with the White Rabbit candy. The candy has made a recent comeback in baked goods, ice cream and cocktails in the Bay Area, California. William Tsui created a White Rabbit cocktail for his Oakland bar, Viridian. Jessica Banh’s has a macaron stuffed with White Rabbit-flavored boba ice cream for her San Jose based bakery Fancy Flavors Bakeshop. 

We love White Rabbit and were inspired to make a White Rabbit x Twrl Milk Tea and the results are amazing! Forget hot chocolate. This is our new fall and holiday drink.

It’s so easy to make! Simply pour a can of Twrl Milk Tea into a small pot or pan. Turn the stove on, add 3-6 pieces of White Rabbit candies depending on how sweet you like it (yes, you can keep the wax paper on, it’s edible). Stir and wait for the candy to melt. Once melted, you can use a frother to create a light layer of foam or simply pour as is.

This White Rabbit Latte can be made with any of our milk tea flavors: Original Black Milk Tea, Supreme Jasmine Milk Tea or Hojicha Roasted Green Milk TeaCan't decide what flavor to use? Get our Sampler Pack

This is definitely a treat and one that your friends and family will be asking for!

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  • 3-6 White Rabbit Candies depending on your level of desired sweetness
  • 1 can of Twrl Milk Tea (we used Original Black, but any flavor works!)


  1. Open 1 can of Twrl Milk Tea, pour into a saucepan or pot. Turn stove on and heat milk tea. 
  2. Unwrap 3-6 White Rabbit and place into pot.
  3. Stir and wait for candy to melt.
  4. Place liquid into frother to create foam or simply pour into cup (optional).

Enjoy your Twrl White Rabbit Latte!

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