Twrl under the Moon: Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2022

Twrl under the Moon: Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2022

Similar to how Americans celebrate their Thanksgiving, the Mid-Autumn Moon festival is a fundamental part of most Asian traditions as it is a day to gather friends and family to be merry and grateful under the radiance of the full moon.

This September 10, 2022, prepare your stories as we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon festival with mooncakes, barbeque, and your new favorite: Twrl Milk Tea.

The story of Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

The Mid-Autumn Moon festival, also known as Harvest Moon festival, Moon festival, or Mooncake festival, is celebrated during a full moon in September or October depending on which month is the eighth lunar month as it is believed that the moon during that day is the largest moon of the year.

It has been a tradition to enjoy this day by having a reunion dinner, making and carrying lanterns, eating mooncakes, worshiping and appreciating the full moon, and sharing stories such as the Legend of Chang’e which is also the basis of this festival.

The Legend of Chang’e is the story of an archer named Hou Yi who shot down nine out of the ten suns that scorched the earth and was rewarded with the elixir of immortality.

With only one elixir, Hou Yi and his wife, Chang’e, decided not to eat it. But one night when Hou Yi was away, an evil person tried to steal the elixir so Chang’e decided to swallow the elixir, causing her to float to the moon and become the Goddess of the moon.

Extremely saddened, Hou Yi displayed fruits and cakes that Chang’e liked and the Mother of Moon was swayed by their love thereby allowing them to meet each other every full moon of the eight lunar months, thus creating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Twrl Milk Tea and Mid Autumn Moon Festival

Share Twrl Milk Tea with friends and family!

Grab a can of Twrl Milk Tea to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival this year with no guilt from the extra sugar, carbs, and calories as Twrl Milk Tea contains only 6 to 7 grams of carbs and uses 100% organic blue agave syrup to give that low-glycemic sweet flavor. Plus, Twrl Milk Tea has up to three times more antioxidants and L-theanine that combat free radicals to lower the risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Apart from being good to the body, Twrl Milk Tea is also good to the environment as we only collaborate with family farms that adopt sustainable and regenerative farming techniques in their organic tea farms to help resist climate change.

Also, pea milk may be considered as the most sustainable non-dairy milk as it produces as low as four times less carbon emissions compared to dairy milk, uses 85% less water compared to almond milk, and requires less fertilizer compared to oat and soy milk.

A guilt-free indulgence

This year, let us celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon festival with our friends and families while indulging ourselves with mooncakes, stories, and our favorite guilt-free organic milk tea.

As the world's first canned organic milk tea, Twrl Milk Tea boasts not only of its nostalgic taste but also of its healthy goodness and sustainability, making it not only guilt-free for your diet but also guilt-free for the environment.

With its versatility, you can drink your Twrl Milk Tea ice-cold, frothed, or add some pearls to increase the fun.

So grab a can and drink your Twrl under the moon at this Mooncake festival!

Miss California - Twrl Afternoon Tea Series
Twrl Afternoon Tea Series with Miss California 2022 Catherine Liang

We’re celebrating the Autumn Moon Festival with an afternoon tea break with Miss California 2022 @catherine_y_liang @missamericaca. We are so excited to chat with Catherine about her journey to becoming Miss California and her initiatives for Being a Champion of Courage.

🥮 Join us on Monday, September 12, 2022 @twrlmilktea
⏰ 5:00 - 5:20pm PDT

About Twrl Milk Tea

Twrl Milk Tea is made using single-origin, non-GMO organic tea mixed with pea milk resulting in the world's first canned organic milk tea goodness with only less than 50 calories and 7 grams of sugar.

One distinguishable characteristic of Twrl Milk Tea is our use of pea milk instead of cow milk or other non-dairy milk. Although it is evident that cow milk has more nutrition compared to non-dairy milk, this is not applicable with pea milk. 

With the same amount of protein in both pea milk and cow milk, pea milk, however, boasts 150% more calcium with additional iron, potassium, and vitamins A and D without being concerned with your intolerance or allergy as Twrl Milk Tea is top-8 allergen-free.

Not only that, Twrl Milk Tea partners with family farms to produce organic tea that brings out the true essence of brewed tea, retaining more flavor and healthy goodness compared with commercial teas. 


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    Hi, Pauline and all TWRL-ers.
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    I hope we can get the Supreme Jasmine by the case at Costco soon. Keep up the great work in all areas of development and sales.

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