Twrl Milk Tea to join United Natural Food, Inc (UNFI) for distribution starting with California

Twrl will be distributed by UNFI

San Francisco based Twrl Milk Tea, established in 2021, will add three SKUs to UNFI’s considerable plant-based offerings for distribution at several Northern California grocers including eight Lunardi's Market locations, four Gus’s Market locations, nine Mollie Stones Market locations, and two Bianchini's Market locations, adding to Twrl Milk Tea’s existing distribution at 40+ locales and direct-to-consumer sales via Amazon and its ecommerce site. Twrl Milk Tea’s official onboarding comes on the heels of a mention in Bon Appetit's “Highly Recommended”, which instructed readers to “Drink More Milk Tea (Specifically This Milk Tea)” in the New Year, as well as over 20 additional press mentions.

The better-for-you, ready-to-drink plant-based tea latte is the first of its kind on the market. Comprised of 100% natural ingredients without any fillers or flavorings, Twrl Milk Tea uses a delicious & ultra climate-friendly pea milk to make milk tea more accessible to those with lactose intolerance and dietary restrictions. In addition, the biodynamically grown tea leaves pack a flavor punch, shining through without astringency. Founder Pauline Ang tried over 100 iterations before settling on the current formula.

Kathleen Hodge, the Supplier Development Manager for UNFI UP Next says: "Founders Pauline and Olivia have really done it — an amazing innovative coffee alternative using a unique pea milk to create the most delicious ready-to-drink tea latte. UNFI UP Next is proud to support Twrl Milk Tea whose mission is to make milk tea—a quintessential Asian drink that Pauline and Olivia grew up drinking—even better. We love that Twrl Milk Tea uses quality and ethically-sourced ingredients to create a great-tasting product that delivers calm, focused energy and was developed in a can so great for on-the-go lifestyles."

UNFI distributes over 250,000 natural, organic and conventional products to more than 30,000 retailers including natural product superstores, independent retailers, conventional supermarket chains, ecommerce retailers and food service industry customers across the U.S. and Canada through its 58 distribution centers.

We are honored to be working with the UNFI Up Next Supplier Program to have Twrl Milk Tea be more easily accessible to customers who have been requesting we stock their favorite retailers. UNFI is a major player in the natural and better-for-you market and we are delighted to be working with them to bring our premium nitro-infused low-calorie milk tea to more markets. We’re excited for Twrl Milk Tea, a better-for-you version of the beverage that draws on our Asian heritage, to become an everyday, anytime, anywhere favorite.

Our new retailers are looking forward to having Twrl Milk Tea on their shelves as well:

"At Lundari’s, we’re proud to offer customers the best quality products and love supporting local brands. Twrl Milk Tea is a unique product — there’s no other on the market like it: premium ingredients, no flavorings, calorie conscious, exquisite taste and plant-based and top eight allergen free. With the rapid growth of natural and plant based sectors we anticipate great consumer response and look forward to carrying San Francisco based Twrl Milk Tea at all our eight locations throughout Northern California." 

- Mark Johnson, Assistant General Manager Lundari’s

"Gus’s Community Market is excited to be carrying Twrl Milk Tea in our four locations. Twrl Milk Tea is the first premium ready to drink milk tea we offer. We love Twrl Milk Tea’s mission of sourcing ethically and focused on reducing carbon footprint. With its uniqueness of nitro-infusion and only 45 calories and 6g of sugar per can and plant based health conscious sales are on the rise, we look forward to an enthusiastic reception from our local neighborhood shoppers to support this Bay Area brand."

- Hugh Rosen, Community Directory Gus’s Community Market

About Twrl Milk Tea:

Twrl Milk Tea is a delicious plant-based milk tea that is better for you. Using ethically-sourced organic fair-trade tea, climate-friendly pea milk, and nitro-infusion for a refreshingly smooth and creamy taste, Twrl is the perfect coffee alternative. With all the benefits and antioxidants of premium tea, but with only 45 calories and 6g of sugar per can, Twrl’s milk teas are a tasty treat that you can enjoy guilt-free with no jitters! Twrl Milk Tea was rated “Highly Recommended” by Bon Appetit Magazine, noted 2022 hot new companies by New Hope Network, and is a 100% women-founded, minority-owned beverage company based in San Francisco.


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