Twrl Milk Tea Launches Brown Sugar Boba and Jelly Boba

Twrl Milk Tea Launches Brown Sugar Boba and Jelly Boba

San Francisco, CA - Twrl Milk Tea, the popular San Francisco-based milk tea brand, is launching their newest products: Brown Sugar Boba and Jelly Boba. Now available online, Twrl Milk Tea's new boba toppings turn any drink into an authentic-tasting boba drink — with minimal to no prep.

Twrl's Brown Sugar Boba is infused with real brown sugar and perfectly complements Twrl's signature ready-to-drink milk teas. Unlike other packaged boba that requires boiling, Twrl’s Brown Sugar Boba is ready to eat after just 30-45 seconds in the microwave. It comes in a convenient 12-pack, ideal for sharing with friends or stocking up for daily enjoyment.

Twrl's Jelly Boba is a delightfully chewy crystal boba with a subtle lychee flavor. Containing only 30 calories and 7g of sugar per serving, it’s made with konjac (a root vegetable) and is a guilt-free addition to any drink. Twrl’s Jelly Boba is translucent, dye-free and comes in a convenient 9-pack.

"At Twrl Milk Tea, we’re excited to introduce what our customers have consistently asked for — convenient toppings to go with our signature milk teas. We're confident our customers will love them as much as we do," said Pauline Ang, Founder & CEO.

“Bobas are the new sprinkles,” said Olivia Chen, co-founder & CMO. “Our Brown Sugar and Jelly Bobas can be added to any drink or dessert — they’re more versatile than sprinkles and can be enjoyed sweet, savory, hot or cold!”

Twrl’s The Brown Sugar and Jelly Bobas are available now through, at select retailers in Northern California, or via wholesalers UNFI, Pod Foods and These new additions are expected to be a hit among boba milk tea enthusiasts and those who want to ‘twrl up their food and drinks with fun toppings.

For more information about Twrl Milk Tea and their products, visit their website at

About Twrl Milk Tea
Twrl Milk Tea, a 100% women-founded, minority-owned beverage company based in San Francisco, crafts artisanal plant-based milk tea inspired by innovation, sustainability, and their founders’ Asian American heritage. Brewed with premium, fair-trade tea leaves, Twrl’s creamy, nitro-infused teas are a healthier yet indulgent, grab-and-go coffee or boba drink alternative. Twrl Milk Teas are a Food Network Editor pick and rated “Highly Recommended” by Bon Appetit Magazine.

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