Twrl Milk Tea Debuts a Canned, Cafe-Stye Ube Milk Tea

Twrl Milk Tea Debuts a Canned, Cafe-Stye Ube Milk Tea

San Francisco, CA, July 2023 - Twrl Milk Tea, a plant-based food and beverage company inspired by its founders’ Chinese and Taiwanese-American heritage, has launched their hotly anticipated Ube Milk Tea. This ready-to-drink milk tea is a unique twist on the classic black milk tea, melding the nutty, vanilla-like quality of ube with the lightly sweet, vegetal flavors of mulberry tea leaves. What's more, this caffeine-free brew gets a delicate creaminess from the addition of climate-friendly pea milk and nitro infusion. 

Mulberry tea leaves, which have long been a staple of traditional Chinese medicine, and ube, a nutritious low-glycemic purple yam common throughout Southeast Asia, are both rich in naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamins. Just like Twrl’s other products, the Ube Milk Tea provides a low-glycemic, lighter alternative to the calorie laden drinks found in boba shops. Each can contains only 80 calories and 9g of sugar from organic blue agave syrup. 

In accordance with its ethos of sustainable and ethical sourcing, Twrl Milk Tea procures its ube from a multi-generational Taiwanese farm in Chia Yi 嘉義縣. Its mulberry tea leaves are grown by a third-generation Taiwanese father-son owned farm in Miaoli 苗栗縣. This new release pays homage and celebrates the birth country of Bubble / Boba Milk Tea. Co-founder Olivia Chen is thrilled to source ingredients that support local Taiwanese farmers and to make the most authentic possible milk tea by producing the drink directly in Taiwan.

“We’re ushering in a new generation of milk tea and boba milk tea drinkers with our artisan non-dairy milk tea (and boba toppings) made with loose leaf, fair-trade and single origin tea,” says Olivia. “Consumers are looking for drinks like ours that are great-tasting and easy to grab-n-go with an emphasis on premium ingredients, low sugar and calories.”

Twrl Milk Tea’s limited first-edition can was designed by acclaimed author-illustrator Ruth Chan. The packaging features a whimsical purple bunny in a nod to the Year of the Rabbit while a special surprise awaits when you scan the QR code on the can. You’ll find a Twrl AR (Augmented Reality) filter created by the talented Mistuko Ono in collaboration with Meta Prosper, which provides Asian and Pacific Islander businesses, creators, and organizations with educational and business support, and Meta Spark. 

Twrl's Ube Mulberry Milk Tea is available nationwide through distributors including UNFI, Kehe, Faire, Pods Food, and Meet Mable. Consumers can also purchase it directly on Amazon, Weee, and on Twrl's website,

About Ruth Chan

Ruth Chan is an illustrator and author who spent her childhood tobogganing in Canada, her teens in China, and a decade working in underserved communities. She now writes and illustrates full-time from her home in Brooklyn NY. For more information, visit

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