Twrl Boba vs other Boba

Twrl Boba vs other Boba

Although it is not as popular as its tea counterpart which is considered as the world’s second-most widely consumed drink, milk tea, also known as bubble tea, or simply boba is a popular drink that was still able to capture the palates of a lot of people globally. 

However, just as not all teas or even water taste similarly, not all milk teas cater to each and every taste bud of all communities.

Which is the reason why instead of being swayed by the more popular boba shops, we decided to make our own, a drink that can cater our health-conscious minds as parents and adults.

What is Twrl Milk Tea?

As moms, we are always concerned for our children, and all the sugary and artificially flavored drinks that they consume is not helping with our goal to give them a proper life as they grow up. Since our team shares a passion for food, healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainability, we thought, why not create a consistently delicious milk tea using the cleanest ingredients possible? In this way, our concerns for our children’s health may be lessened!

So in 2021, we founded and launched Twrl Milk Tea, a guilt-free organic milk tea that is nitro-infused to keep that luscious creamy milk tea flavor so conveniently within your reach anytime, anywhere.

What makes Twrl Milk Tea better?

Compared to cafe-made milk tea and other canned milk teas that have a high as 120-175 calories per serving, Twrl Milk Tea contains only 45-50 calories, depending on which flavor you drink. Not only that, our organic milk tea uses 100% organic blue agave syrup that gives that low-glycemic sweet taste with only 6-7 grams of sugar content which is comparable to the 20-25 grams normally used in commercially available milk teas.

Although Twrl Milk Tea is made in the USA, we can assure you that we use authentic tea leaves that come from China and Japan. These tea leaves are harvested from single-origin, organic fair-trade tea plants grown by family-owned farms that create a more flavorful organic tea. Not only are the tea leaves that these families make more flavorful, they are also more healthy because these tea leaves contain up to 3x more antioxidants compared to commercially available teas. These antioxidants help combat the free radicals in our body that cause multiple diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Deviating from the norm of using dairy milk in milk teas, we went above and beyond and used plant-based milk, specifically pea milk which is considered to be the most healthy and most sustainable plant-based milk available in the market. Pea milk contains the same amount of proteins as dairy milk without causing flatulence to our lactose-intolerant customers. It also contains tons of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, D and B12 that help you bone and muscle health. Pea milk is also filled with omega-3 fatty acids that aids in your brain and heart health, and also your immune system.

Each step in the production of Twrl Milk Tea was carefully planned, including its benefits to the environment. Our partner family farms apply beyond-organic sustainable means, going as far as growing and harvesting the tea plants in the wild as they believe that this helps the plants to thrive and produce more lusciously flavored teas. We also use non-GMO pea milk that requires less resources than other plant-based milks and produces less carbon footprint compared to dairy milk.

Twrl Milk Tea: Your guilt-free boba on the go

Since it is canned, you can keep each can of Twrl Milk Tea for up to one year, a convenient feature for people who are too busy to go out and buy a cafe-made milk tea. You can just stand up, open a can of Twrl Milk Tea and hear that fizzy goodness as you start another day of grinding. If you are more of a drink enthusiast, you can cook tapioca balls and mix it with your ice-cold Twrl Milk Tea to add a playful twist to your drink.

Our team at Twrl Milk Tea do not just give value to customers, but also to the community as some of our merchandise donates a portion or 100% of its proceeds to suitable organizations. 100 percent of the money we get from selling our Twrl Earth Day Stickers go to AddPurpose, an organization that helps fight climate change, while a portion of our proceeds from selling Twrl Me Up Boxes are donated to AAPI, an organization that supports the mental health and well-being of Asian American communities.

So you can smile and twirl as you drink a can of Twrl Milk Tea, a guilt-free drink for every food, healthy lifestyle, and environment enthusiast.

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