Tatung x Twrl: Tea Latte, The Perfect Morning Pick Me Up!

Tatung x Twrl Tea latte

Have you heard of Tatung? It’s literally the most used kitchen gadget -- we use it daily. From making a tea latte at home with Twrl Milk Tea on a cold day to heating up lunch, it’s a staple we cannot imagine living without. See how we use it to heat up a low-calorie Black Tea Latte here:

We’ve steamed homemade and ready to eat buns and even a whole fish, slow-cooked soup, made Taiwanese beef noodle soup, made rice, kept our food warm … haven’t tried making yogurt or popcorn though we heard it can be done!?!

Tatung is an iconic Taiwanese brand from the 1960s. In Taiwan, instead of the microwave, InstaPot or slow-cooker, Tatung steamers rule the kitchens of Taiwanese households. Tutung is so commonplace in the homes of Taiwanese diaspora around the world as it was the number one item most brought with them when they immigrated. My parents had one and still have one (maybe the same red one, they are well built and last forever) from when they immigrated from Taiwan in the 70s.

They come in a plethora of fun colors so you can color coordinate with your kitchen :)

What’s great about Tatung is that it’s so easy to use. One switch. Add water, press down and wait for the “click” sound that indicates Tatung is done cooking. My Tatung even has a warming feature where once it finishes cooking, it will keep the food warm. As temperatures have dropped, I love having a warm cup of milk tea in the morning. Using Tatung, it’s convenient, easy and fast. To make my morning Black Tea Latte with Twrl Milk Tea I place the Twrl in the Tatung, then add a small cup of water, close the lid and press the button. In a matter of minutes, it’s done! Get a Twrl Milk Tea Variety Pack here and let us know what you think of our hack for making tea latte at home! 

In the mornings when you're still getting ready, let the can stay warm in the Tatung. When you're ready to drink, take it out, open it and drink using a straw or pour in a mug … now you're ready to start your day!

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