It's Teas-giving! A Launch, A New Flavor and A Presale, Oh My!

Guilt-free milk tea latte Twrl Milk Tea

What are you thankful for this year? This year has been pretty different to say the least, but we are so thankful and excited to share that Twrl Milk Tea is officially set to launch in JANUARY 2021 and will be accepting PRESALE ORDERS IN MID-DECEMBER!

In even better news, we have our official nutrition facts, and WOW — each can of Twrl Milk Tea is only 45-50 calories, with only 6-7g of sugar, depending on the flavor. #GuiltFreeMilkTea. 


Tag your friends on our latest IG post for a chance to win a free sampler 6-pack when we launch! Every person you tag is an entry, so the more you tag, the more chances you'll have to win! 

For those who have been patiently waiting, we thank you for your support! If you just learned about us and missed our first few newsletters about why we’re OBSESSED about milk teawhy our tea is (way) better, and more about our commitment to giving you a #GuiltFreeMilkTea, check out our blog. 

Double-take! Did you notice we have a 3rd flavor? You saw it here first: Twrl Milk Tea will be launching in with 3 flavors: Original Black Milk Tea, Jasmine Milk Tea, and our latest addition: Hojicha Milk Tea! 


Hojicha is a Japanese green tea, but unlike traditional green teas, hojicha is roasted after the leaves are steamed. This process removes the bitterness and caffeine found in green tea, while still retaining all the benefits — giving hojicha a mild taste, natural sweetness, and earthy aroma. Combined with our plant-based m!lk, our Hojicha Milk Tea is the perfect alternative to coffee for those seeking a delicious tea drink in the afternoon or evening, without worry about the effects of caffeine. In fact, it can even be enjoyed by kids 4 & up*! To learn more, check out our blog entry about our love for Hojicha!

*For comparison, a cup of hojicha tea contains approx 7-8 mg of caffeine, the same as a cup of chocolate milk. Green tea contains 30-50 mg per cup. FDA recommends no more than 45mg of caffeine a day for kids ages 4-6.

LAUNCH UPDATE If you’ve read this far, you might be asking why it’s taking so long for us to get Twrl Milk in your fridges. We’ve been working non-stop with our suppliers and manufacturer to get our milk tea produced, however with any quality product, things take time. We want to make sure we could get you the best quality tea possible, meet all the vigorous quality manufacturing standards you would expect, and most of all, have a good tasting product WITHOUT having to add any additional natural flavoring, unlike most other ready-to-drink teas. In between caffeinating ourselves (along with some friends and family) on a daily basis, painstakingly measuring each gram of sugar we use, figuring out supply-chain logistics, shelf stability testing and a whole bunch of other boring but necessary details, we’re happy to say again that PRESALE STARTS IN MID-DECEMBER!

Mark your calendars, tell your friends, and follow us on Instagram to get the latest updates. Thank you again for your support as we continue on our journey to bring you the world’s first better-for-you canned milk tea! Have a safe and happy holiday season!


Yours tea-ly, 
Pauline Ang 
Founder & CEO 
Twrl Milk Tea

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