Giving it a Twrl

Giving it a Twrl

We're Spilling the TEA with guest blogger resident Tea expert Julia Miller.

The normal ten-minute drive home felt interminable, like a lifetime’s worth of time was dragging by. For goodness’ sake, how long is this red light going to last? On my mind was the case of Twrl Milk Tea sitting in my refrigerator at home.

Milk Tea Indulgence

It had been a few weeks since this case of Twrl's Ube Milk Tea arrived. I had packed it in our refrigerator, and as I reached in to grab a can of Ube from my dwindling supply, I thought to myself, “a case wasn’t enough!” Immediately I felt panic. My mind began racing step by step through all the details involved in hopping into my car to make the journey to Sprouts Market and trying to determine which location really is closer. Oh wait…online ordering maybe easier for me this time…?

Distracted by the cold can in my hand, a thrill surged through me, swiftly followed by a sense of renewed peace that settled over me like a favorite blanket. I have learned a technique to shake the can ever so gently, side to side then up and down. Enough to cause a stir but not too much that any of it spurts out when the top pops. I pour the milky tea over the cold ice, listening for the satisfying sound of the ice crackling, and my mouth starts to water.

Passion for Milk Tea and Personal Growth

Over the years, I have consumed enough milk tea to feel like a seasoned Milk Tea enthusiast. I’ve scoured the Twrl website and internet, absorbing as much information and detail about milk tea as my mind can retain. I have also extensively taste-tested and, somewhere along the line, became addicted to an afternoon light indulgence that is Twrl.

For me to have a restful night’s sleep, I have learned that I need to stop my caffeine consumption by mid-afternoon. I have trained myself to watch the clock for 3 pm, which is my self-imposed caffeine cut-off time. As the clock hands inch closer to 3:00 pm the quicker I seem to drink my caffeinated teas. But once the “witching hour” of 3 pm strikes, I abstain from drinking any more caffeine. Lucky for me, the UBE flavor is naturally caffeine-free, and it has become my go-to afternoon indulgence. And coming in at only 80 calories, I can reach for a can to beat the afternoon slump and not worry about excessive caloric intake either.

Reflection on Life's Purpose

Now, in my early 50’s, I have come to a new stage of life where the purposes of the last few decades have mostly morphed into fulfillment. I often ask myself, “where did the time go, and now what? What is my new purpose?” My afternoon Milk Tea routine has led me to the realization of “What if it’s not about finding a NEW purpose, but rather finding my life’s passion?“

A passion to learn a new skill, delve deeper into wellness, practice new hobbies, play like a child. Be good at something not because it is required but falling in love again with the simplicity of how things are.

Starting the Journey of Passion

My goal with the Twrl Milk Tea guest blogging series is to delve deeper into finding one’s life passions; starting with sharing my process on how I found my way into the next stage of passion…one sip at a time. I hope you will be along for the journey with me as I stretch my boundaries, explore new possibilities, and find life’s passions along the way. Let’s give it a Twrl…Together!

Creating Space for Reflection

To begin, I have managed to successfully turn the 3 o’clock hour into a habitual routine of non-caffeinated quiet time to make space for my mind to wander. My drink of choice has been the Twrl's Ube Milk because it is naturally caffeine-free.

You may be asking, “what is so special about 3:00 pm?” Well, my answer is, nothing in particular, except in my daily routine, it is the hour before family life kicks back into high gear. It is the hour before our son arrives home from his after-school activities, the last hour of stillness in the home, the moments before homework and nightly chores begin.

My 3 o’clock routine started because I needed a time of the day to stop drinking caffeine, and I had the urge to quiet my mind to prepare myself for the last half of the day. After a month of sitting with milk tea in hand, naturally, my mind began to process answering my question about finding passion over finding new purpose, and these are the steps I took:

Journaling and Exploration

Step one: make space.

Schedule a time of day that beckons you to slow down. Craft a routine, in a welcoming space, where you naturally find yourself relaxing, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For me, the arrival of the time is heralded by the pop of a Twrl Milk tea can at my kitchen table, bathed in natural light from the back window. After weeks of this routine, my mind effortlessly drifts into uninterrupted dreaming and contemplation.

Establishing this soothing routine, like savoring my beloved UBE Twrl Milk Tea, quiets my mind and allows for me to take deep breaths and discover and get in sync with my own natural rhythm. Over time, this hour has become a daily gift to myself. Now the once-dreaded 3 o’clock hour is eagerly anticipated.

Step two: establish intention with love.

Before you start, ensure your intention is focused on and infused with love. Years ago, I embarked on a journey to lose over a hundred pounds, and, while I succeeded, I was unable to sustain all the weight loss because every pound shed was driven mostly by self-loathing. I've since realized the significance of (1 Cor. 13:1) " to move mountains but without love you have nothing..." Learn from my experience and prioritize love in setting all your life's intentions.

Step three: journal with no rules.

This can be as simple as you choose like quickly jotting down your thoughts on paper, alternatively if you have the time and desire write in full sentences or draw in color, collage magazine clippings, create mood boards of your visions, or make lists. The key is to quiet your mind, allow yourself to dream, using what comes to mind as prompts for inspiration.

Pinterest is an amazing resource for digital inspiration. One of my favorite things to do is create seasonal “story boards” on Pinterest and print my favorites to collage in my journal. Some of these ideas come from an online class on journaling, that I took a few years ago by The Reset Girl.

As someone who tends towards being a visual learner, this method of journaling has helped me immensely in visualizing my dreams. *It is important to note that dreams and reality often do not align perfectly. Don’t dwell on accuracy; instead, acknowledge the natural variances and move on to the next step. In all of this, stream of consciousness can truly be your friend. Using some of these tools, you may find that that stream rapidly becomes a river, taking you on exciting journeys of self-discovery. Above all, allow reality to unfold as it may because there is always a moment when it is essential to accept things as they are and move on to step four.

Acting on Passion

Step four: take action.

From your journaling, select a prompt that is most exciting to you at that moment and dive right in. There is no better time than NOW to get started. Embracing passion means going with the flow and to keep momentum, action is essential! The amazing thing about taking action is once you initiate it, it often will become self-perpetuating. There is no absolute right or wrong in this process and you can course-correct as needed and be doing it while in flow!

Seeking Inspiration from Others

Step five: get inspired.

It is never too late to make new friends, explore new life experiences, and discover passions, no matter your age! Whether it is as simple as driving a different route home from work or being inspired by others whom have blazed trails before us, opportunities abound for growth and connection. Join a community, get inspired by others.

Take Pauline and Oliva, the remarkable duo behind Twrl Milk Tea, for example. Both are busy mothers who pursued their passion and a longing to share one of their beloved childhood treats, milk tea & boba. They committed themselves to crafting a delectable and healthier alternative to traditional sugar-loaded milk tea.

Look at the example of the 46-year-old North Texas Lacrosse college goalie, Rory “Pops” Sanders. On Feb 17, 2024 Sanders helped his team secure a win with 8 saves and a .571 save percentage. For him, age was just a number as he pursued his passion for lacrosse.

Let us not forget Grandma Moses who raised 5 children on a farm, and it wasn’t until her seventies that she took up painting. Not letting arthritis stop her creative pursuits she became a prolific painter. Depicting art from her memories she once said, “I’ll get an inspiration and start painting; then I’ll forget everything, everything except how things used to be and how to paint it so people will know how we used to live.

The journey to passion is never-ending. There’s no finish line. The pleasure is found along the way in the process to passion. Allow Twrl be part of what fuels you on this journey; it’s delicious, yet healthy sweetness accompanies you every step of the way.

by Julia Miller, Guest Blogger

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