Discover the Artistry Behind Twrl Milk Tea's Limited Edition Can: A Journey with Eugenia Yoh

Discover the Artistry Behind Twrl Milk Tea's Limited Edition Can: A Journey with Eugenia Yoh

Eugenia Yoh, a talented Taiwanese American artist renowned for her whimsical illustrations, recently lent her creative vision to Twrl Milk Tea's limited edition Taiwanese black milk tea can. Yoh’s talent for blending digital and traditional mediums shines through in her illustrations, which exude a charming texture reminiscent of analog materials. "I like to mimic the style of traditional media like watercolor and colored pencils," she says, "so that it has the texture of what you would expect if it was drawn with actual analog materials."


When asked about the inspiration behind the collaboration, Yoh recounts how Leona from the Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California (TAFNC) reached out to her after the publication of her book about the Taiwanese American experience. "I had always wanted to design two things: a beverage can and a library card," Yoh reminisces. "So when Leona reached out to me, it was such a dream project." The collaboration unfolded rapidly, with Yoh channeling her artistic prowess to encapsulate Taiwan's vibrant culture and landscapes within the limited space of the beverage can. "The project was on a very accelerated timeline," she explains. "The hardest part for me was that there is just so little space." Despite the challenges, Yoh's design seamlessly weaves together iconic Taiwanese symbols, from the majestic Taroko Gorge to the towering Taipei 101. "I tried to cram as much information as I could in the limited real estate," she says. "I hope that it feels nostalgic and reminds drinkers a bit of home if they are from Taiwan."

The focal illustration of Yoh’s can design is the Formosan black bear, an endangered species native only to Taiwan. "Leona suggested [the black bear] and I thought it was a brilliant idea… it’s such a big symbol for Taiwan,” Yoh explains.

Reflecting on her creative journey, Yoh offers valuable advice to aspiring artists. "Everything that you are doing is accumulating into something bigger," she affirms. "If the first thing that you make doesn’t exactly succeed, it’s practice for something that will succeed in the future."

Through her artwork, Yoh invites us to savor not only the delicious flavors of Twrl Milk Tea but also the rich heritage and nostalgia of Taiwan itself.

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