Best Boba Tea Party Ideas

Best Boba Tea Party Ideas

As parents who share a passion for food, healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainability, we aim to nurture our children with foods and snacks that are yummy but also healthy.

It is important for a child to have social interaction as they grow up to help them develop social skills and self-esteem which is why it is noticeable that children hold more parties than adults. However, because children are not fond of healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits, these parties are filled with too salty, too sweet, or artificially flavored snacks just so the children can enjoy it.

But now it's time to change that dynamic as we give you some of the best boba tea party ideas to Twrl about!

Spice up your area

It is important to set a specific theme for your boba tea party. The decoration will be the first to be seen which is why it is essential to give the first impression of “fun” as guests and children enter the venue. Here are some ideas to start you up:


1. Colorful balloons

What decoration says “fun” apart from balloons? First, you should pick a color scheme where the color of the balloons and other decorations will be based. You can choose balloons with plain colors or those with different patterns or even those which will form shapes, letters, or numbers when inflated. You should also consider having extra balloons for the children to play with to entertain them as they wait for other guests.


2. Hanging banners

To make the venue more lively, you can hang a big banner made of cut-out letters or balloons over the entrance. This will establish which or what kind of party the children have come to


3. Cute tables

Make sure there will be enough tables and chairs with lively decorations to set the mood of the boba tea party. You can place cloth over plain tables and chairs, add stuffed toys, folded napkins or flowers.


4. Teapot centerpiece

As children will be attending the boba tea party, it is better to set up a teapot centerpiece instead of letting them handle a filled-up teapot as they may break it and get wounded. However, if you want them to experience how to pour the boba, you can use plastic teapots and cups.

Twrl up the menu

A boba tea party should be fun but also have yummy and healthy snacks and drinks ready for each child even if they have different preferences.

5. Replace your normal tea with Twrl Milk Tea

Normally, you use the traditional teas such as green tea or black tea, but since we will have a boba tea party for kids, it’s better to Twrl things up and try Twrl Milk Tea, a canned organic milk tea made from single-origin, organic fair-trade tea grown by family-owned farms, and pea milk with just enough calories and sugar to give the children that yummy feeling without causing extreme sugar-rush. We even have different flavors such as Taiwan Style Black Milk Tea, Hojicha Roasted Green Milk Tea, and Supreme Jasmine Milk Tea. Not only does Twrl Milk Tea give you a happy tummy, it will also give you a healthy body as the organic tea and pea milk used in manufacturing it is filled with vitamins, nutrients, and other bioactive compounds which are good for the body. Its benefits can fill up not only the kids but also the adults, in short, it is a drink for all ages


6. Finger sandwiches

Instead of sticking to the regular sandwiches, cut them into bite-sized pieces to make as little mess as possible. You can even create different shapes such as dinosaurs, jigsaws, and others to make the sandwiches more appealing. Switching the stuffing to peanut butter, jelly, cheese, or turkey will also make the sandwiches more tempting


7. Other sweets

Keep a variety of snacks during the boba tea party so you can prepare cupcakes, cookies, and macarons then place them in a cupcake stand where the kids can reach them anytime they want another snack to go with their boba.

Boba par-TEA games

One essential part of a boba tea party is to keep the children entertained and what better way to entertain them than to prepare tea party games?

Trip to Jerusalem, also known as musical chairs, can be played but with a Twrl of replacing the chairs into teacups. When the music stops, the players should take a sip from the teacup and the player without a teacup will be eliminated from the game until only one player is left.

Another game is Lookabout, a traditional Victorian game played at tea parties. At the beginning, the game master will show one item to the players then, all players will leave the room and the game master will hide the item out in the open where it can be seen but is not obvious. When a player sees the item, they will take a seat without seeing anything. The last player standing will then choose the next item to hide.

A Blind Tea Test can also be played using every Twrl Milk Tea flavor. The players will be blindfolded and served with a Twrl Milk Tea then they have to guess which flavor they are sipping. Each correct guess will earn you a point, play it a few more rounds until the one with the highest point will be given a reward.

End the party with Twrl-themed helpful giveaways

You can give out party favors to keep the children reminded of the good time they had, and maybe more will come on the next event for a more boisterous boba tea party.

Make it a Twrl-themed giveaway by handing out Twrl Earth Day Stickers to the kids which also helps the environment as we have promised 100% of the proceeds will be used for fighting climate change through our partnership with AddPurpose.

You can also give out a Twrl Me Up Box for every family that joined your boba tea party. The pack is an ultimate self-care package that contains a variety of 12 Twrl Milk Teas and a set of 5 postcards made by indie female artists, each with a positive affirmation of hope to bring goodness and joy, making it a perfect gift for moms, dads, grads, friends, and everyone in between! The Twrl Me Up Box will not only benefit the families that received it because a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Asian American Pacific Island nonprofits to support the mental health and well being of Asian American communities.

At the end of the event, it is important to take note of your privilege to have boba tea parties, enjoy the occasion, then give back to the community by making more sustainable choices which will affect not only our lives right now, but also the future of our children.

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