A sneak peek behind the scenes

A sneak peek behind the scenes

Twrl Milk Tea is almost here! We just finished production with over 22K cans (yes, that's 22,000 cans), and we're SO excited for you to try it.

We JUST got our production samples hot off the press today. Check out our unboxing video.

Here’s a little peek behind the scenes of the canning process:

Pallets of Original Black M!lk Tea

Pallets of Hojicha Roasted Green M!lk Tea

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know it’s been quite a journey to this point! And I’m so grateful to have you along for the ride.

In between formulation to production, there's quite a bit happening behind the scenes! Our m!lk tea was produced in a facility that is SQF certified. This certification is a rigorous and credible food safety and quality program that is recognized by retailers, brand owners, and food service providers world-wide. We had to document every single last ingredient down to the last gram of agave, pass strict allergen and sourcing requirements, and submit every paperwork imaginable, just to be able to produce. So trust us that this is literally the safest, best, most regulated milk tea you can possibly find out there. We have the documentation to prove it!

Now on to the fun stuff: We’re on track to ship preorders in the first week of February! If you have placed a pre-order, THANK YOU! If not, there's still time to get our limited pricing and FREE shipping.

I can’t wait to share Twrl Milk Tea with you!

Yours tea-ly,


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