8 Care Package Ideas Your College Student Will Love

8 Care Package Ideas Your College Student Will Love

Sending a kid off to college can be emotionally tough for both parent and student. But a curated care package can give both of you a bit of joy while also bringing you and your student closer together—even if you’re thousands of miles apart. Show your college student your support, and get inspired with these care package ideas:

  1. Favorite snacks! Snacks have always been my kids’ favorite meal. 😉 Fill the care package with your college student's favorite snacks. Bonus points for snacks they may have trouble finding at school. 
  2. Did someone say boba? Not a day goes by in my household without a request for a boba run. Keep your student supplied with a healthier, refreshingly delicious cafe-style boba milk tea. Hint: Twrl Milk Tea has way less sugar than the milk tea from the boba shops and Twrl’s single-serving Boba Toppings require no-to-low prep. Both are shelf stable. 
  3. Cozy Comforts: As-is dorm rooms can sometimes feel spartan. So, help your college student feel the cozy comfort of home by sending fuzzy socks, a cozy blanket, or even a plushie friend they can hug when they’re feeling homesick.  
  4. Toiletries: Sometimes college can be intense, so pamper your student with me-time products that will help them slow down and rejuvenate so they can refocus on their studies with renewed energy. 
  5. Homemade baked goods: Is there a treat you bake that your college student craves? As they say, the way to their heart is through lovingly-made baked goods from home! 
  6. Handwritten messages: Surprise messages from loved ones will stir up warm fuzzies especially for students who are living away from home for the first time. 
  7. Pictures: See above, except with pictures.
  8. Gift cards: When you want to treat your college student, you can—even if they’re on the other side of the country. Simply include a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant in their care package.

Remember, the more personal touches in your care package, the better! It’s like sending a hug through the mail. Have fun!

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